Notice of Conclusion of Capital and Business Alliance Agreement with Round 2 Solutions Co., Ltd.

Thai NS Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bangkok, Managing Director: Kensuke Suzuki, hereinafter "ThaiNS"), a Thai subsidiary of NS Solutions Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroyuki Morita, hereinafter "NSSOL") and Thai IT solution provider Round 2 Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bangkok, Managing Director: Vichien Lanchanavanich, hereinafter referred to as "Round 2") have concluded a capital and business alliance agreement. In this capital alliance, ThaiNS has invested in Round 2.

NSSOL has been providing a wide range of IT services to Japanese corporate customers throughout Southeast Asia starting off with Singapore which was established in 2011, Thailand in 2013, and Indonesia in 2014. Thai subsidiary of ThaiNS, have over 150 employees mainly developing business applications for the manufacturing industry.

Round2 is an SAP provider in Thailand who provides services of consultation and SAP implementation mainly to customers in major manufacturing industries. Round 2 not only provides in a field of implementation of business modules such as production control and accounting, but Round 2 has a wealth of experience in advanced data utilization such as SAP data infrastructure, data analysis, RPA, and in SAP system rollouts across Asia, including Southeast Asia, China, and India.

Through this conclusion of capital and business alliance agreement, ThaiNS will provide SAP solutions to Japanese corporate customers in collaboration with Round2. ThaiNS will also actively respond to demand for SAP system rollouts to Southeast Asia and other countries.

【Overview of Round2 】
・Company Name : Round Two Solutions Co.,Ltd.
・Year of Establishment : 2014
・Location of Head Office : Bangkok, Thailand
・Capital : 5 million Thai Baht
・Number of Employee : 80
・Business : Consultation、SAP Solutions、Salesforce Solutions
・Managing Director : Vichien Lanchanavanich

・Logo of NS Solutions is registered trade mark of NS Solutions corporation.

・Other description about company name and product name are trademark or register trade mark of each companies.