Microsoft Dynamic 365 for finance Operation
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
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microsoft dynamic 365 for business central
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
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Simple and Standardized ERP service suitable for small to medium businesses.
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NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA's ERP solution (Microsoft Dynamics 365)

ERP optimizes management by centrally managing the resources of a company. In order to realize ERP, it is necessary to connect various operations such as procurement, production, inventory, sales, and accounting, and the help of the system is indispensable.

microsoft dynamics 365 finance operations
microsoft dynamics 365 business central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is rich in standard functions that cover various operations. We also have a unique template that corresponds to the Indonesian tax system, so you can proceed with the introduction to the Indonesian base with confidence. Based on our extensive experience, we have standardized project management and documents, and we are fully equipped to deal with switching from existing ERPs and version upgrades. In addition to the introduction of ERP, leave the subsequent operation and maintenance to us. We will help you maximize the benefits of ERP according to the established operation flow. At NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA, we propose two of the highly functional Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is ideal for small start-ups, according to your requirements and budget.


erp flow

The Key to Success for ERP Implementation - Common Issues and Solutions in Indonesia

Common issues
  • I have never been involved in IT project, but I have to introduce ERP system.
  • I have to explain the introduction of the system to the head quarter, but I don't know the detailed specifications and have big concern to report it.
  • I've already asked some vendors but their explanation and estimation were too rough and ambiguous.
  • I Need to make the system compatible with Indonesia's tax system, but I don't know what to do.
  • Project managers with extensive ERP implementation experience support customers who are unfamiliar with IT system implementation.
  • Explain well from project purpose to detail schedule so that customer can explanation ERP project to the stakeholder.
  • Conduct Fit and Gap and clearly define what is required to introduce ER
  • Utilization of templates for Indonesia (Indonesian tax system templates, etc.)
indonesia based
In Indonesia, sometimes the president or accounting director may become the project owner and proceed with the introduction by him/herself. Also, it is very often that members of the IT department have no experience in IT system implementation projects. Even in such cases, NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA will lead the ERP implementation project to success by cooperating with Indonesian and Japanese project managers and engineers. Communication language can be in Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Japanese. We have standard project execution procedure, and it will contribute to stable and visible project execution. We also have templates compatible with Indonesian taxation, such as Indonesia's unique Bea cukai.
Common issues
  • We already implemented an expensive ERP system, but I feel we cannot use it to the fullest extent. I want to switch to more suitable system.
  • Design documents for the system was not created, and the person in charge at that time had already left the company. It makes the system black-box and cannot be maintained anymore.
  • The current ERP system is out of support, so we need to upgrade or replace it.
  • NSSOL SYSTEMS INDOENSIA consultants analyze the current business and system situation, interview key users, and propose ERP for re-utilization.
  • We prepare high-quality documents such as Fit & Gap analysis, Requirements definition documents, Function list, Add-on design documents, and Training materials.
  • Supports ERP (Microsoft Dynamics 365) version upgrade.
indonesia based
In case that your company implemented too much system, NSIDN's IT consultant analyzes the current system and business, and conduct fits & gap analysis with key users, so that necessary and sufficient functions will be available for the future. We can propose a system that is reasonably priced. In addition, we will provide high-quality documents such Fit & Gap analysis, Requirements definition documents, Function list, Add-on design documents, and Training materials during the project. It means, you will not be troubled after the system is implemented by NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA. Even if the person in charge changes or retires, it is possible to take over smoothly. We also have a lot of experience in version upgrade projects. In particular, please leave it to us to upgrade from Microsoft's ERP product, Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation, and from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Common issues
  • Current maintenance work relies on personal WhatsApp communication. If the person in charge is absent, our maintenance request will be delayed until that person comes back.
  • I can't check and see the maintenance vendor's activity at all.
  • It takes time to get response from the maintenance vendor. Even a small change request, it doesn't meet the deadline.
  • The current system is old and there are no vendors who can maintain it.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) and maintenance service flow.
  • Build a structured team and report maintenance and operation activity regularly.
  • Take over existing ERP maintenance operation by investigation, consultation and/or reverse engineering.
indonesia based
In NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA, the flow of operation and maintenance is clearly documented, and we steadily carry out maintenance work within the service level agreed with the customer. Regarding communication methods, we have set up a dedicated email group for each customer, so you can contact our team instead of individual member personally. In addition, by sharing a service report about maintenance activity with our customers once a month, we can visualize how many efforts were used for what work. Regarding the change request, we will coordinate with the customer what kind of change is to be required, estimate effort and schedule before executing it. This can contribute to reliable and stable activity of change request. If the current system is old and there is no vendor who can handle it, we can also propose maintenance support by reverse engineering.