Microsoft Dynamic 365 for finance Operation
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
Fulfilling integration of business activities
Sophisticated and Enriched ERP service for various business field.
microsoft dynamic 365 for business central
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Let's get started ERP.
Simple and Standardized ERP service
suitable for small to medium businesses.
Data Science Democratization
Unified Platform of Machine Learning for all users.
Artificial Intelligence is yours.
The world’s leading analytics platform
Data driven analysis makes your business success.
You can make a quick decision and business strategy.

Solutions provided by NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA

ERP Total Solution

microsoft dinamic 365

We have strength and a wide variety of experiences in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for ERP. This product is a mission-critical application provided by Microsoft.

It is possible to manage a wide range of operations from purchasing, accounting, and production management.

DX Support Service

microsoft dinamic 365

Any consultations about DX (Digital Transformation) using AI, BI, Cloud, etc. is welcome. Please feel free to contact us even if you do not have a specific image of "DX".

Areas of Expertise and Strengths of NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA

microsoft dinamic 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Expert

We have abundant introduction and operation/maintenance experience in Indonesia

ERP Introduction in Indonesia
microsoft dinamic 365

Please consult with NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA if you are considering introducing ERP for the first time, or if you have to introduce ERP while there is no expert in the IT department. Our experienced project managers and consultants will assist you.

ERP Version Upgrade / Replacement
microsoft dinamic 365

Have trouble on upgrading the existing ERP due to EOL (Product End-of-Lifecycle), replacing your unfriendly ERP system or struggling to maintain your ERP due to resource issue? NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA understand your problems and we will support you to provide the most suitable ERP system for your Business.

Operation and Maintenance
microsoft dinamic 365

Unsatisfied with your vendors response time, no clear work conditions and results or senseless cost for your system operation and maintenance? We will help you to provide reasonable operation and maintenance service for you with reasonable and accountable support. We will also provide monthly work results report so you can monitor it easily.

DX support service

NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA considers DX (Digital Transformation) as Transforming Business through the use of Digital Technology. There is no perfect solution to solve this problem. It is necessary to derive an appropriate solution according to the customer's issues faced in each business situation. We have a track record of supporting DX for various companies using means such as AI, BI, Cloud, and Scratch System. Please let us work with you to find out solutions to your company's challenges and help transform your business.

BI Solution

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Are you worried about using AI in your business and do not know what to do? NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA support the application of AI in actual business field, from consulting to the system introduction.

We will ask you about your goals and challenges, and then consider the appropriate approach. For example, we recommend the AI platform DataRobot to customers who have something they want to do but lack knowledge about AI.

BI Solution

BI (Business Intelligence)

Do you spend too much time creating reports for reporting purpose? For example, collecting data and merging huge Excel files manually. By using DataSpider and Tableau, you can automate collecting, processing, and beautifully visualizing scattered data.

BI Solution

Custom-Made / Scratch development

Are there any issues such as well-known package products cannot support your business, or want to build a service that is differentiated from other companies?

We can propose a custom-made system based on your requirements. From mobile applications to server applications, there are various services we have implemented.

Please feel free to contact us.

BI Solution

Cloud Server Management

With on-premises server management, many issues can be seen, such as HW costs for updating obsolete servers, personnel costs for operation, and black-box of management. It is possible that this kind of problems can be solved at once by moving to the Cloud.

Even if you are not yet familiar with Cloud at all, please feel free to ask us.