Microsoft Dynamic 365 for finance Operation
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
Fulfilling integration of business activities
Sophisticated and Enriched ERP service for various business field.
microsoft dynamic 365 for business central
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Let's get started ERP.
Simple and Standardized ERP service
suitable for small to medium businesses.
Data Science Democratization
Unified Platform of Machine Learning for all users.
Artificial Intelligence is yours.
The world’s leading analytics platform
Data driven analysis makes your business success.
You can make a quick decision and business strategy.
Nsoll Indonesia


PT NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA (NSIDN) was established in 2014 as a local subsidiary of Nippon Steel Solutions in Japan and once a part of Nippon Steel information system departments, a world-class steelmaker. We provide a large range of high-quality services in Indonesia, from consulting to operation and maintenance, to customers in various industries. Our experienced consultants and project managers will support you in multiple languages (Japanese/English/Bahasa Indonesia).

Solutions provided by NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA

ERP Total Solution

We provide the best and most reasonable ERP solutions for your needs. One-stop total solution for your ERP implementation ranged from select the most suitable system, implement until maintenance. We will help you to solve your business and management issues with the best ERP system.

Solution microsoft dinamic 365
Experienced and the best qualified consulting professionals in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation and Business Central
Solution integrated indonesian tax
NSIDN standard templates that fully comply with Indonesia tax regulation and unique functions such as costing that specially built to support most of Japanese manufacting companies in Indonesia.
Solution multiple language
Support are available in Japanese, English, and Bahasa Indonesia.
enterprice resource planing.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP refers to the idea of ​​optimizing management by centrally managing the resources of a company. In order to realize ERP, it is necessary to connect operations such as procurement, production, inventory, sales, and accounting. In the past, these operations were managed by individual departments using different methods and systems, or by using paper or Excel. However, such a fragmented approach leads to inefficiency in terms of work and data linkage, which ultimately slows down management decision-making.

The idea of ERP was born to solve such problems. ERP centrally manages operations that were previously managed individually. By conducting business on an integrated platform, it will eliminate the conventional division of business and data and can optimize corporate management.

NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA recommends Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation (D365 FO) and Business Central (D365 BC) provided by Microsoft as a means to realize ERP. This product has a good track record of being used by Indonesian and Japanese companies all over the world. In addition, there are regular system updates, and it is highly reliable in terms of functionality and security. It is also compatible with Microsoft Office tools' service linkage and operability.

BI Solution

Business Intelligence (BI)

By introducing BI tools (Tableau, PowerBI) and ETL tools (DataSpider Servista, HULFT), we encourage quick decision-making and support the resolution of management issues.

BI is an abbreviation of Business Intelligence. BI is a mechanism to obtain insights for business decision-making by collecting, processing, and analyzing data. As a tool to realize BI, we introduce "Tableau" which can realize a series of tasks from data collection to processing and analysis without programming. This product has been selected as a "Leader" for eight consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI tools, and is a product that drives the BI tool market.
In particular, the self-service BI function is extensive, the rich data manipulation and visualization functions allow users in the business department to conduct their own analysis and obtain important business insights.
In addition to Tableau, we can also propose BI tools that meet customer needs. For example, for customers who are already using Microsoft services such as the D365 series, we may propose Power BI, which has a high affinity with Microsoft services.

BI Solution

Artificial intelligence

We support consultation for AI utilization, AI system introduction, and training using DataRobot. We can also propose custom-made AI solutions.

In Indonesia, the adaptation of Industry 4.0 and the use of FinTech, integration with advanced IT are being pursued in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing industry to financial industry. In this context, there is an active movement to strengthen competitiveness by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into business.
NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA offers AI utilization business consultation, AI system introduction support, and training using DataRobot, the industry's top class AI platform.
We can also propose custom-made AI solutions that combine existing cloud AI platforms and Python libraries according to your needs and budget.
If you want to use AI, but do not have an image of its realization, please do not hesitate to contact us.

AWS Solution

Cloud Server Management

We can offer infrastructure support, such as migration to cloud environments (AWS and Azure), environment construction, and operation and maintennance.

The Indonesian region of Amazon Web Service (AWS), which provides cloud services, has been opened. In Indonesia as well as global needs, utilization of cloud services is an essential issue for consideration. However, many companies still use on-premises servers and IT equipment and are struggling to maintain and operate their IT infrastructure with high effort and cost. Please feel free to contact us if you want to try cloud services It is no problem if your company does not have the appropriate IT Cloud engineers in your company. We can investigate the usage status of IT infrastructure, support the consideration of appropriate migration destinations and migration methods, and support your cloud server management and cloud migration.

Custom Systen Solution

Custom-made System Development

Custom-made system development to solve client issues. Efficient and high-quality development is possible using development standards based on extensive experience.

NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA can propose scratch (made-to-order) development for issues such as a need for a solution different from other companies and a problem that package product does not fit the business. We have developed mobile applications for consumers, automatic report output system for quality control, etc. in response to customer requests.
We have execution procedures, document templates, and standard parts for such scratch development, enabling rapid and high-quality construction and introduction of customer-specific application systems. We can support the DX of Indonesian companies with custom-made system development.


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We offer a wide range of services, from ERP , AI , Cloud management or even DX (Digital Transformation).
Please feel free to contact us so we can assist you further. (Inquiries can be made in English, Bahasa Indonesia or Japanese.)